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   In December 2016, two concert evenings were held in Bratislava, commemorating the anniversary of the 55th anniversary of the legendary Slovak jazz orchestras - The Traditional Club Bratislava and Revival Jazz Band Bratislava.

   The concert also had significant feedback on the musicians - it was an inspiration and a stimulus that led to the creation - revival of an old-fashioned jazz formation called The Traditional Club Revival, in which the original members of both orchestras play.


 Igor Čelko:

   "After a meeting in 2016, we decided to revive the spirit of music we played over 50 years ago and which still finds its audience with its ease, spontaneity and vitality. We wanted to carry one the spirit of traditional jazz that we played either as Traditional Club Bratislava or Revival Jazz Band. Our repertoire moves between New Orleans jazz, Chicago Dixieland and swing so that we reach the widest spectrum of audiences. The combination of soprano saxophone, trombone and guitar / banjo also allows for different colourful and stylish variants and thus the unusual sound of our new formation. "

   Keep swinging!


Igor Čelko  - soprano saxophone

Vlado Vizár  - trombone

Patrícia Páleníčková - guitar, banjo, singing

Andrej Šebo  - contrabass

Karol Sucháň  - percussion


The Slovak, Czech and European jazz community consider the trombone player, Michal Motýľ, to be not only and excellent and technically experienced solo player on the bass trombone, but also an extraordinary author and arranger.

The group Michal Motýľ Tentet started in august 2013, for the recording of the great album of Michael Motýľ, called Sunflowers. The repertoire of the tentet consists of original pieces of Michal Motýľ, Matúš Jakabčic, Nikolaj Nikitin and Erik Rothenstein. These compositions are traditional, but they also include aspects of modern jazz. The brass section is non-traditional and consists of four trombones, one trumpet and two saxophones. The rhythmic section consists of a guitar, contrabass and percussion.

Michal Motýľ

Between 1983and 1988, he was studying at the State conservatory in Košice, where he attended classes by prof. Pavol Takáč. He received several awards from competitions during his studies. He also attended classes of doc. J. Gašparovič at the College of Music arts in Bratislava. In 1989, he received the 2nd prize at the Amati Kraslice (ČSFR) competition. In 1990 he received the 3nd prize at the Interpretation competition of young artists in Bratislava. In 1992 at the Prague spring competition, he received the prize for the best candidate from the ČSFR.

During 1989-1990, he was a member of the Dance orchestra of the Czechoslovak television (bass trombone); Bratislava Big Band; Big Band of Radio Bratislava, for which he also created compositions and settings. He was also a member of the Bratislava Trombone quartet, with which he performed in Vienna, Karlsruhe and other European cities.

Since 1992 he is a member of the trombone group of the Slovak philharmonic orchestra (bass trombone) and a member of the CZ-SK Big Band of Matúš Jakabčic, with whom he also attended several jazz festivals. During 1996-2005 he also worked with the Big Band of Gustav Brom and from 2006 he is also a member (bass trombone). Currently he is also a member of several smaller groups for example Nikistein Jazz Sextet; Erik Rothenstein Jazz Quintet and Soul for Seven. In 2013 he formed the Michal Motýľ Tentet, with whom he recorded the CD Sunflowers and cooperates with the Five Bones brothers of Vlado Vizár.

Orchestra line-up:

Michal Motýľ – base trombone, composition, setting

Juraj Mitošinka trombone

Vlado Vizár a.h. – trombone

Ondrej Juraši trumpet, flugelhorn

Miroslav Poprádi clarinet, soprano, tenor sax.

Erik Rothenstein baritone sax, bass clarinet, flute, composition, setting

Matúš Jakabčic guitar, guitar synthesizer, composition, setting

Peter Korman – contrabas

Marián Ševčík percussion


   "The Obradovic - Tixier Duo" is a new project created by the collaboration of the French keyboardist David Tixier and the Croatian percussion player Lady Obradovic. They created a new form of jazz expression based on the blending of the "live" sound of piano and drums with electronics, texts, Polyrhythms, electronic loops in conjunction with sophisticated harmonies. This serves as a means of transmitting music to the listener using emotion and elegance. The duo's compositions are associated with surprising momentum.

   Lada is an artist with great musicality, and drumming for her is "like playing on a piano made of leather that reverberates by touch and stroke". Her gentle touch comes from a number of variants and dynamics, sometimes hardly audible, sometimes again contrasting with the opposite dynamic amplitude. Its poly-rhythmic means create the space and atmosphere for the piano.

   David, an excellent and creative pianist, plays two acoustic and electronic keys simultaneously to combine and enhance their sound capabilities with different colour shades. The play and electronic sounds created by the right hand on the synthesizer add to the natural sound of the piano.

   This duo, made up of strong players, is harmoniously and rhythmically perfect, and draws on a consistent musical philosophy and conviction.

   Lada Obradovic is a choral jazz singer, songwriter and arranger. Her musical education began with classical piano playing. Later she "discovered" the drums, with which she immediately fell in love with. After graduating from the “Rock Academy” in Zagreb, she moved to Graz, Austria, where she completed four years of studying drums at a baccalaureate level. During this four-year study, she had the opportunity to meet, work or play with some great jazz names, Jimmy Cobb, Don Menza, Curtis Fuller, Benny Golson, Carla Bley, and others.

   In 2009 she took part in the International Summer "Drums" workshop, where she received a scholarship stay in New York. In 2014, a new project began under her leadership, the "Lada Obradovic Project". In 2016 she became the finalist of an international competition called “Competition” in California. In the same year, she became a member of the David Tixier trio, with whom she performed all over Switzerland and France. In the following years Lada participated in many competitions and jazz festivals in Europe. She has performed with various musical formations playing different styles, from trio to big bands in Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.


David Tixier - piano, keys, synthesizer, setting

Lada Obradović  - drums, voice, toys, bells, setting


The leading Slovak trumpet player and flugelhorn player, composer and arranger Lukáš Oravec belongs not only to the Slovak jazz peak, but is also known and established in the top category of the European and international jazz scene. His positive jazz agility and activeness is famous. In addition to his collaboration with several domestic musical ensembles, he opens his own jazz projects with important guests!

The participation of the jazz formation Lukáš Oravec Quartet with the American guest, outstanding pianist and composer Danny Grissetto at the 13th Jazz Festival Špania Dolina '2017, can be considered a significant organizational and dramaturgical success of the festival. The quartet is complemented by the great Czech-Slovak jazz players: Tomáš Baroš - contra bass and Marián Ševčík - drums.

Lukáš Oravec graduated from the Conservatory in Žilina. After his graduation he was admitted to the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus (DK) and studied at the department classical music with complementary studies of the jazz trumpet. In 2009-10 he continued his studies at the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno (CZ) at the department of classical music and also studied jazz interpretation. One of his greatest experiences was an internship at the Muzyczny Academy Karola Szymanowskiego Katowice (PL) where he studied at the Department of Classical Musicin the Jazz section. Since 2011 he has been studying jazz performances at the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno and in 2013 he has been accepted to the jazz department of the Master of Arts City of Vienna University (AT).

He has collaborated on various projects and with many bigbands, for example the RAMA Big Band (DK), Big Band Gustav Brom, SK-CZ Big Band Matúš. Since 2012, he plays in his own Lukáš Oravec Quartet (SK / HU), with which he won the highest award in the competition New face of Slovak jazz for "mature collective performance". The debut album "Introducing Lukáš Oravec Quartet" won the Esprit 2013 Best Jazz Album of the Year. He is a guest and cooperates with the Czech-Slovak and foreign jazz scene and with its important personalities.

Danny Grissett is an American jazz pianist, keyboardist and composer, born in 1977 in Los Angeles. As a five-year-old, he began to play and study classical music education and piano play. He graduated from LA in Music Education at California State University Dominguez Hills. He then completed a two-year master's degree in jazz interpretation at the California Institute of the Arts. After three years of playing around Los Angeles, he moved to New York, where he was a member of the trumpet player Nicholas Payton and a member of the trumpeter, Tom Harrell. Grissett released his first album as a leader in 2006 for Criss Cross, for which he continued to record new albums with major New York jazz singers.

In a review in 2010, Down Beat commented that Grissett's jazz game is based on the pianists of Mulrew Miller, Herbie Hancock and Sonny Clark, in which he creates his own harmony and rhythm - his own manuscript.


Lukáš Oravec Quartet & Danny Grissett line-up:

Danny Grissett - piano, composition

Lukáš Oravec - trumpet, flugelhorn, composition

Tomáš Baroš - contrabass

Marián Ševčík - percussion


The Krakow Jazz Band Ball Orchestra is considered to be the oldest Polish Orchestra of traditional jazz. It was created in 1962 at the initiative of the recently deceased trumpeter John Kudyk and a group of students of the Academy of Music in Krakow. The debut of JBBO took place in a contest of amateur jazz bands "Polish South", where the band won the first prize. Another success JBBO has ever seen on the national jazz scene was the win of the Jazz on Odra in 1965. This event has begun countless concerts in Poland and almost all over the world. The band participated in the North Sea Jazz Festival in The Hague, Dixieland Meeting Oberhausen (Germany) and several times at the famous Dixieland Jazz Jubilee in Sacramento (USA). The Orchestra has collaborated with many prominent musicians, including the famous trumpeter Wallace Davenport. JBBO started as a Dixieland band, but with time and personal change, the style has evolved and expanded: (says famous critic Bogdan Chmura) "... Their music is a synthesis of New Orleans jazz, swing with elements of bebop, blues, Polish folklore and Latino "- this is what music fans have clapped for over fifty years.

American keyboardist and singer Stanley Breckenridge is a Doctor of Musicology and an assistant professor at the Department of African American Studies at California State University, Fullerton. He also lectured at the University of Mary Curie-Sklodow University and Jagiellon University. As a musician he performed solo, with other musicians in many European countries, Japan and the United States. He released nine musical albums. He has been working with JBBO since 2013.

JBBO line-up:

Michal Bylica - trumpet, singing

Marek Michalak - trombone, singing

Jacek Mazur - clarinet, tenor saxophone, singing

Wojciech Groborz - piano

Teofil Lisiecki - contrabass, leader

Wieslaw Jamiol - percussion

Stanley Breckenridge - solo singing